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Posted by Deepan Mehta on 07/09/2014

Video By Subhadip Jot

Welcome to Air India Virtual (AIV) . Come fly the wide variety of aircraft available in our fleet.We are a group of flight simulator enthusiasts using Microsoft Flight Simulator. We "fly online" on the VATSIM or IVAO network where we can get "virtual ATC " services for our simulation , or we just "fly offline" on our computers simulating "virtual" flights to any city in the world both scheduled and non-scheduled with any aircraft in the fleet.

The Maharaja: Information about the much loved icon from real world aviation in India : For those who may not know about the logos you see on our siteĀ  click here.

Our VA is a tribute to Mr J.R.D Tata the father of civil aviation in India

Air India Virtual Partners

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Recent Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Aircraft
IX 818 OOMS VOML 02.49 AI0539 Aditya Iyer B737-800
AI C0136 VABB VAAH 00.55.43 AI0136 Krushan Patel B737-800
AIC 197 OOMS VABB 02.11 AI1163 Barani Dharan B737-800
AI 985 OOMS VABB 02.05 AI1107 Triveni Singh Grewal A320-231
AI 144A VABB VAAH 01.01 AI0967 Shrikant Dhekne B777-300ER
AIC 223 OKBK VABB 03.43 AI1457 Suyog Thengale A321-211
AIC 156 VASU VABB 00.40 AI1379 Sarvesh Asopa B737-800
AIC 12 VAPO VABB 00.17 AI1107 Triveni Singh Grewal A320-231
AIC 1 VABB VAPO 00.27 AI1107 Triveni Singh Grewal A320-231
AIC 953 OTBD OMAA 00.40 AI0334 Ganeshram Rajgopalan B777-300ER